Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jin deui

Jin deui is a type of fried made from glutinous rice flour and commonly found in the Far East. The pastry is coated with sesame seeds on the outside and is crisp and quite chewy. Inside of the pastry is a large hollow, caused by the expansion of the dough,which is partially filled with a filling usually consisting of . Alternatively black bean paste, called ''dousha'' may be used, and less commonly red bean paste .

Depending on the region and Chinese cultures, jin deui is known as ''matuan'' in northern China, ''ma yuan'' in northeast China, and ''jen dai'' in Hainan. In American restaurants it is known as Sesame Rice Ball.


The origins of jin deui can be traced back to the Tang dynasty as a palace food in Changan, known as ''ludeui'' . This food item was also recalled in a poem by the Tang poet Wang Fanzhi. With the southward migration of many peoples from central China, the jin deui was brought along and hence became part of southern Chinese cuisine.



In Hong Kong, it is one of the most standard pastries. It can also be found in most Chinatown bakery shops overseas.


In , two very similar dishes are called ''bánh cam'' and ''bánh rán'' , both of which have a somewhat drier filling that is made from sweetened . ''Bánh rán'' is scented with jasmine flower essence .

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